Our story

We are six friends who love our coffee.

As a group of six friends who are all passionate about roasting, brewing, sharing and enjoying the best coffee we can find, we all travelled different paths to land in a similar space.  But those different paths all shared some common threads.

We were all introduced to coffee at the lowest level of instant coffee, usually with a mountain of sugar, mostly for stimulant effect rather than anything approaching taste.  This put some of us off coffee for years.

Our paths converged again as a result of cafe culture, where hanging out at the funkiest cafe we could find was an excuse to catch up with friends, do business, or just do nothing and sip on coffee.  This phase of coffee drinking at least allowed for some appreciation of flavours and aromas, but they were probably still secondary to the whole vibe.

And then at some stage, each of us had a Eureka moment with one particular coffee, when we realised that the more we spent time appreciating the coffee we were drinking, the more subtlety, nuance and detail we saw.  We kept looking at those little details with every cup, at the same time trying to find that perfect coffee every time.

That pathway has brought us all here, to a place where we’re continuing to learn about coffee, not just drinking, but roasting it as well as we know how.  Through roasting, cupping, brewing and drinking, day after day, we’re getting closer to that elusive goal of the repeatable, unfaultable, “perfect cup”.